The actual education costs of your godchild

€25 of your contribution of €30 per month is used to pay the actual education costs of your godchild. This includes:

  • registration fee
  • school uniform & shoes
  • school bag or backpack
  • school books & school supplies
  • transport (if the school provides transportation)
  • meals (if the school provides meals)
  • use of a computer (if the school has computers)

You support your godchild from the beginning of primary school until the end of secondary school. The average duration of a child sponsorship at Cunina is 10 to 12 years.

Would you like to continue supporting your godchild after secondary school? You can do this by providing your godchild with a Cunina Scholarship.

The remaining money is used to fund local educational projects

The education costs are different for each country and can even be different for each region. Cunina uses the remaining money of your contribution to fund educational projects in the country of your godchild.

It is very important to Cunina that the remaining money also benefits your godchild, albeit in a more indirect way. We use it to build class rooms, renovate buildings and guarantee that the file of your godchild is locally managed. 

A small part of your contribution is used to keep Cunina running 

Only €5 of your contribution is used to manage your child sponsorship file and to pay the operating costs, which include postal charges of the letters to the South, administration costs, maintenance of the computer network…, of Cunina in Belgium. 

Cunina consciously keeps their operating costs as low as possible in order to be able to spend the contributions where help is needed the most. Our annual operating costs are barely 10%. In fact, NGOs are normally allowed to reach up to 20%. 

Becoming a Cunina godparent is a long-term commitment. You play an important role in the life of your godchild and you see them become a young adult with opportunities. 

A non-recurring cost to activate your child sponsorship file

You will get a message to activate your child sponsorship file when we have received your child sponsorship application. The activation of the file is a non-recurring cost of €35.

Upon receiving, we send you a child sponsorship ‘package’ that contains: 

  • a picture of your godchild
  • an identification sheet of your godchild
  • information on the country of your godchild
  • practical information on the child sponsorship
  • information on the different projects of Cunina
  • the most recent Cunina Courant (our newsletter)
  • a payment form to make the monthly payments of your child sponsorship


From then on, we switch over to monthly payments of €30 for your godchild. You can indicate on the registration form how you would like to make these payments.

Tax benefit for Belgian godparents

Are you considering becoming a Cunina godparent, but are you still having second thoughts with the financial commitment of €30 per month? Remember that you get a tax benefit when donating to charity.

Cunina provides you with a tax certificate when you donate €40 or more on an annual basis, which a Cunina child sponsorship of €30 per month easily surpasses. You can use the details on the tax certificate to fill in the personal income tax declaration to get a reduction of 45% on your contributions.

This means that you will not actually be paying €30 a month, but only €16.5, thanks to this tax benefit. Then maybe you would even have enough budget to support two godchildren?